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Auscap Asset Management is a value-based Australian equities manager founded in 2012. Auscap manages the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund which targets solid absolute risk-adjusted returns, looking to invest in companies that generate strong cash flows and are trading at attractive prices. The Portfolio Managers have over 30 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, previously managing Australian equities long/short portfolios at leading global investment banks and are heavily invested in the Fund.

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Delineating Diversification From Deworsification

January 2018 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss the risks of corporate diversification when an inferior asset is added to a high quality business. ... Read more

All I Want For Christmas Is A Dividend Or Two

December 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss how dividends are a crucial component of the total return delivered by owning a share portfolio. ... Read more

Is effort correlated with investment performance?

November 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss our view on whether short term investment performance is a function of effort, manager skill and/or luck. ... Read more

Are There Opportunities For An Active Manager In An Efficient Market?

October 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss the circumstances under which we typically find compelling value-based opportunities for investment. ... Read more

Analysing FY17 Fund Returns

September 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we analyse the returns delivered by the Fund in FY17 in terms of single stock and sector contributions.     ... Read more

Taking advantage of time horizon arbitrage

August 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss opportunities that can be taken advantage of by having a longer time horizon than the typical market participant. ... Read more

You are what you read: Biases created by the availability of information

July 2017 Newsletter | In this edition we discuss biases created by the availability and accessibility of information. ... Read more

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