Analysing FY18 Fund Returns

August 2018 Newsletter | The Fund delivered 12.71% net to investors during FY18.  In this edition we discuss the performance of the Fund during FY18 just as we do every year; taking a close look at the attribution data from a single stock as well as ... Read more

Will The Royal Commission End The Leverage Obsession?

July 2018 Newsletter | Australians appear to be addicted to leverage. Specifically, housing leverage. In 23 of the last 25 years, Australian household leverage has increased. That is, the average household has borrowed more money for the same dollar ... Read more

Are Risks Arising From China’s Increasing Leverage Being Appropriately Priced?

June 2018 Newsletter | A reduction in credit growth and tightening in liquidity within China potentially represents an elevated risk for equity assets exposed to Chinese growth in the near term. In this edition we examine the increase in leverage in ... Read more

Auscap Fund rated ‘Recommended’ by Zenith

The Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund has been assessed by Zenith again and retained its 'Recommended' rating. The full Zenith report can be accessed here. Zenith Product Rating: Recommended ... Read more

Are REITs The Ugly Duckling Of The Stockmarket?

May 2018 Newsletter | While potentially not extreme in nature, there are a few general assumptions being made by investors in relation to the real estate investment trusts (REITs) that would deem them unworthy of consideration for investment. In this ... Read more

Is There A Place For Both Passive And Active Asset Management?

April 2018 Newsletter | There has been a considerable shift from active to passive asset management over the last decade. In this edition we take a different look at the passive versus active asset management debate and provide our thoughts on the ... Read more

Investing With Conviction: Reporting Season Report Card

March 2018 Newsletter | By and large, reporting season was relatively benign for the companies in the Fund’s portfolio, with the majority reporting results that were in line with our expectations. By contrast to the respective business performance of ... Read more