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Auscap Asset Management (Auscap) is a value based equities manager founded in 2012. Auscap manages the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund and the Auscap Global Equities Fund, both of which target strong absolute risk-adjusted returns, looking to invest in companies that are considered by Auscap to generate strong cash flows and to be trading at attractive prices. The investment team has over 80 years of combined experience in the financial services industry from leading investment managers and global investment banks. The principals are significantly co-invested in the Auscap funds.

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Fund Factsheet – May 2021

June 2021 Newsletter | The Fund Factsheet for May 2021 can be found here.  ... Read more

Fund Factsheet – April 2021

May 2021 Newsletter | With the move to a more comprehensive quarterly newsletter, in the interim months we will produce a monthly Fund Factsheet. The Fund Factsheet for April 2021 can be found here. ... Read more

Unexpected Outcomes From COVID-19

April 2021 Newsletter | CPD NOW AVAILABLE | Twelve months ago, COVID-19 was wreaking havoc on people’s lives, financial markets and the economy. Significant uncertainty weighed on markets, with key questions around the probability of a vaccine, the ... Read more

What Is Capital Preservation?

March 2021 Newsletter | This newsletter coincides with the 100th month of operation for the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund and the one year anniversary of the fastest significant sell-off from peak to trough in Australian capital markets ... Read more

Is Australia A Lead Indicator For A Global Recovery?

February 2021 Newsletter | Australia has had remarkable success in controlling the impact of COVID-19. New cases peaked in August 2020, leading to most major lockdown restrictions being lifted by the end of 2020. Australia's economic recovery has ... Read more

The Cost Of Carrying Cash

January 2021 Newsletter | Many investors realise that there is a cost of carrying cash. It is the opportunity cost associated with returns foregone if the cash were invested elsewhere. However cash also provides optionality, such as when a market ... Read more

A Portfolio of Performers, Laggards and Opportunities

December 2020 Newsletter | It has been an extraordinary year. Despite the sell-off in February and March, the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund (Fund) was up 5.3% for the calendar year as of 30 November 2020. This compares to the All ... Read more

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