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Auscap Asset Management is a value based equities manager founded in 2012. Auscap manages the Auscap Long Short Australian Equities Fund and the Auscap Global Equities Fund, both of which target solid absolute risk-adjusted returns, looking to invest in companies that generate strong cash flows and are trading at attractive prices. The investment team has over 80 years of combined experience in the financial services industry from leading investment managers and global investment banks. The principals are significantly co-invested in the Auscap funds.

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Real Estate Ructions

April 2020 Newsletter | COVID-19 has led to significant falls in global equity markets, with the ASX 200 dropping 37% off its February high on a peak to trough basis. Sectors with relatively defensive earnings streams (Healthcare, Consumer Staples ... Read more

Coronavirus Crisis

March 2020 Newsletter | In the four weeks since the 21st of February the ASX200 has declined from 7197 to a low of 4402 on the 23rd of March. And there is no telling whether and by how much it might continue to fall. The question from here is what to ... Read more

Should You Buy The Amex Card Or The Stock?

February 2020 Newsletter | Far more people have the Amex card than shares in the parent, and while owning the card has its rewards, we suspect owning shares in the company over the long term has been the more rewarding experience   ... Read more

Are Shares Expensive?

January 2020 Newsletter | As we enter 2020, "whether shares are expensive" seems to be the topic du jour for those interested in the stockmarket.  The indices are recently making new all time highs, so is the market overpriced?   ... Read more

Boris The Builder: Can He Brexit?

December 2019 Newsletter | The Boris Johnson led Conservative Party, in securing an 80 seat majority in the United Kingdom (UK) parliament, has won a mandate to “Get Brexit done”. But what does this mean for UK equities and Australian equities with ... Read more

Opportunities For The Global Value Investor

November 2019 Newsletter | After many years of consideration and preparation, the exciting opportunities that we are seeing in various global markets have driven our decision to launch the Auscap Global Equities Fund as of 1 November 2019. ... Read more

Indicators For Optimism In The Australian Economy

October 2019 Newsletter | Is Australia finally due a recession? While the future is unknowable, and undoubtedly a domestic recession will occur at some point, there are presently reasons to be optimistic about the outlook for the Australian economy. ... Read more

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