Adopting A Private Investment Mindset To Listed Markets

July 2021 Newsletter | CPD NOW AVAILABLE | In this newsletter we discuss our approach to adopting a private investment mindset to listed markets. We reflect on the pitfalls of liquidity and frequent pricing, the random walk of markets, the role of luck in short term investment outcomes and the discomfort that can come with genuine active investing. We also discuss the rationale behind our investments in the real estate sector.


Multiple Choice Test - July 2021 Newsletter

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1. A long term approach to investing involves buying an asset today with the expectation that it will:
2. The term ‘preservation of capital’ refers to the concept of:
3. Listed securities are:
4. Market liquidity should provide investors with an additional opportunity to improve returns by:
5. The stockmarket has a tendency over time to swing from irrational exuberance to irrational fewer and back again, reflecting:
6. The key revenue stream for REITs is:
7. A long term approach to investing allows
8. To achieve significantly superior performance to a basket of stocks weighted by size, an investment manager’s portfolio much look