CPD Accredited Material

CPD Accredited Material

The following activities have been accredited for continuing professional development (CPD) by the Financial Planning Association of Australia but does not constitute FPA’s endorsement of the activity. In order for a certificate to be issued, please read/watch the activity, then answer the multiple choice questions and submit via the form. A success rate of 80%+ is required for CPD points to be awarded. By submitting your answers, you agree that upon successful completion, your details will be shared with the FPA.


CPD hours

May 2023 Webinar 1.5 hr
April 2023 Newsletter – Healthy Growth Drives Higher Returns 0.50 hr
January 2023 Newsletter – Driving Growth Is Delivering Dividends 0.50 hr
October 2022 Newsletter – Is Pervasive Pessimism Presenting Pockets Of Opportunity 0.50 hr
July 2022 Newsletter – Recession, Rates & Rising Risks: The Rationale For Remaining Positive 0.75 hr
April 2022 Newsletter – An Electric Future 0.5 hr


  • Note: For the purposes of Tax Practitioners Board CPE, each 1 hour of CPD equates to 1 hour of CPE.