Quarterly Newsletter – Financial Year 23: Finding Returns In Unusual Places

July 2023 Newsletter | ** CPD POINTS ** This quarterly newsletter for the Fund, titled ‘Financial Year 23: Finding Returns In Unusual Places’, can be found here. In this newsletter we discuss the contributions to Fund returns in FY23, as well as HomeCo Daily Needs REIT (HDN), one of the holdings in the Auscap Fund. This newsletter also details the performance and portfolio positioning of the Fund in June 2023.


Multiple Choice Test - July 2023 Quarterly Newsletter

Learnings Outcomes: On the completion of reading this Quarterly Newsletter, FPA Members will have a greater understanding of the factors considering when valuing the listed REIT, HDN.ASX as an investment in the Fund. 0.75hr CPD is available for this activity.

Question 1(Required)
In the three decades prior to the recent interest rate rises, capitalisation rates used to determine commercial property valuations:
Question 2(Required)
Following on from question 1, this created a
Question 3(Required)
The ASX listed REIT Index is what percentage off its 2022 high?
Question 4(Required)
There are a number of challenges facing commercial real estate including:
Question 5(Required)
HDN’s tenants are predominantly:
Question 6(Required)
HDN’s portfolio is focused within high population growth metropolitan catchments and is:
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