Quarterly Newsletter – On The Road To Refocus On What Matters Most

October 2023 Newsletter | ** CPD POINTS ** This quarterly newsletter for the Fund, titled ‘On The Road To Refocus On What Matters Most’, can be found here. For most high-quality businesses, what is occurring inside the business is often more important over time than the current macroeconomic or cyclical issues that are preoccupying the minds of market participants. With this in mind, Auscap’s investment team have spent most of the last month on the road, across San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Nashville, Chicago, Atlanta, Alabama, Detroit, Sao Paulo, Perth, the Goldfields and the Pilbara. This newsletter covers some of the highlights from the team’s recent travels, as well as the performance and portfolio positioning of the Fund in September 2023.


Multiple Choice Test - On The Road To Refocus On What Matters Most

Learnings Outcomes: On the completion of reading this Quarterly Newsletter, FPA Members will gain valuable insights into the current operating environment for a variety of stocks in the portfolio, namely MIN, RWC and CAR. 0.5hr CPD is available for this activity.

Question 1(Required)
According to MIN’s recent lithium presentation, relative to FY23, future spodumene production is expected to:
Question 2(Required)
Within 2-3 years, MIN expects to increase iron ore production to:
Question 3(Required)
RWC's dominant push-to-connect fitting product is called:
Question 4(Required)
PEX pipes in general are taking share from copper pipes, due to:
Question 5(Required)
Carsales was founded in:
Question 6(Required)
Following a period of considerable M&A, how much of CAR's EBITDA is generated from international markets?
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