Auscap Asset Management launches Long Short Australian Equities Fund

Auscap Asset Management, a new boutique fund manager, is launching its Long Short Australian Equities Fund in December 2012. The Fund will look to deliver strong returns with little correlation to equity markets. The Fund will focus on fundamental long and short investments while utilising a multi-strategy approach to both increase returns, by taking advantage of shorter term market opportunities, and hedge the portfolio, protect capital and minimise volatility where prudent.

The Auscap Principals and Portfolio Managers, Tim Carleton and Matthew Parker, were formerly Executive Directors within the Goldman Sachs (Australia) Proprietary Strategies Equities division responsible for managing proprietary capital. With over 20 years combined investment experience in financial markets, both Tim and Matthew are looking forward to the Fund launch at the start of December. They are confident that despite the slow economic growth environment, there are plenty of long and short opportunities to generate strong returns for investors.

The Fund will focus on large liquid stocks and provide investors with monthly liquidity. The Portfolio Managers see this as an opportunity for investors looking to have their equities exposure managed by professional experienced long short managers. The Fund intends to generate meaningful positive returns from the equities market through different market conditions without necessarily being simply long the equity market.

For more information, wholesale investors are encouraged to download a copy of the Information Memorandum available at their website,, or contact Auscap Asset Management directly at