Does China’s Property Market Present Grand Risks?

October 2021 Newsletter | CPD NOW AVAILABLE | In this newsletter we analyse two topics. First, we consider the potential implications for the Australian and global economies associated with the possible collapse of Evergrande, China’s second largest property developer. Secondly, we discuss our views on Eagers, Australia’s largest automotive dealership group and a core holding in the Auscap portfolio.


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Multiple Choice Test - Does China’s Property Market Present Grand Risks?

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1. A significant driver of Chinese economic growth over the last two decades has been:
2. In August 2020, the Chinese Government adopted a policy that is used to assess the allowable growth in debt for property developers. The measures in this policy include:
3. Evergrande is at risk of default due to:
4. Barclays recently estimated that if Evergrande’s development activity fell 50% it would:
5. China produces what percentage (%) of the world's steel:
6. India is the second largest producer of steel followed by Japan:
7. Australian vehicle sales have been depressed since 2018, which has been driven by:
8. Australian vehicle sales are only annualsing: