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April 2022 Newsletter | In Auscap’s September 2019 newsletter titled “Dealing with Volatility”, we ran through our investment thesis on Mineral Resources, a company that we had been following since its 2006 IPO. At that point the share price was $14.15. As at the time of publication of this newsletter, the Mineral Resources share price is over $60. Does this mean Mineral Resources is fully valued? In this newsletter we discuss our views on on how Mineral Resources has transformed itself from the company we discussed in 2019 and why we continue to see significant upside.


Multiple Choice Test - April 2022 Newsletter

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Question 1(Required)
Mineral Resources can be thought of as which of the following four complementary businesses:
Question 2(Required)
Mineral Resources is:
Question 3(Required)
Since 2020, the lithium price (in USD) has:
Question 4(Required)
In 2019, Mineral Resources had two key operating iron ore mines:
Question 5(Required)
Mineral Resources’ three key lithium assets are:
Question 6(Required)
Since December 2020, global plug-in vehicle sales (based on rolling 12-month data) have:
Question 7(Required)
Manufacturers such as Mercedes (Daimler), Honda, GM, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover have committed to not sell internal combustion engine (‘ICE’) vehicles by:
Question 8(Required)
Mineral Resources is:
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