Quarterly Newsletter – Healthy Growth Drives Higher Returns

April 2023 Newsletter | ** CPD POINTS NOW AVAILABLE ** This quarterly newsletter for the Fund, titled ‘Healthy Growth Drives Higher Returns’, can be found here. In this newsletter we discuss NIB Holdings Limited, one of Auscap’s holdings in the Fund. This newsletter also details the performance and portfolio positioning of the Fund in March 2023.


Multiple Choice Test - April Newsletter 2023

Learnings Outcomes: After reading this newsletter, readers should have a sound understanding of listed insurer NIB Holdings, including an overview of the company, a history of key financial metrics used to value the stock, and the key revenue drivers for the future. This activity meets the guidelines for qualifying CPD, and has been accredited for continuing professional development by the Financial Advice Association of Australia but does not constitute FAA’s endorsement of the activity. 0.5hr CPD is available for this activity.

Question 1(Required)
NIB Holdings Limited (NIB) is Australia’s fourth largest health insurer, with policyholder market share, as at September 2022, of:
Question 2(Required)
NIB has four (4) developed operating segments as follows:
Question 3(Required)
In FY21, Australian healthcare expenditure represented what percentage of Australian GDP?
Question 4(Required)
4. In recent years, some industry analysts have questioned the structural outlook for the private health insurance (PHI) industry given which of the following factors:
Question 5(Required)
Public waiting lists and a greater focus on healthcare availability led to a return to strong policyholder growth and improved retention with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic:
Question 6(Required)
NIB entered travel insurance through the 2015 and 2018 acquisitions of (respectively):
Question 7(Required)
The Australian Government estimates that what percentage of the Australian population has a disability:
Question 8(Required)
The vast majority of National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) expenditure, in the order of 95%, is paid to:
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