Quarterly Newsletter – Is Pervasive Pessimism Presenting Pockets Of Opportunity?

October 2022 Newsletter | The Fund’s Quarterly Newsletter – Is Pervasive Pessimism Presenting Pockets Of Opportunity?, including CPD points, can be found here. In this newsletter we discuss how opportunities often come at moments when fear and uncertainty are causing market dislocations and lower equity market prices. We also discuss some developments from the last few months, in relation to five current Fund holdings: Eagers Automotive, Mineral Resources, Motorcycle Holdings, Nick Scali and Reece Holdings.


Multiple Choice Test - Is Pervasive Pessimism Presenting Pockets Of Opportunity?

This activity meets the guidelines for qualifying CPD, and has been accredited for continuing professional development by the Financial Planning Association of Australia but does not constitute FP's endorsement of the activity. Accreditation number 30075 for 0.50 hour(s).

Question 1(Required)
Elevated inflation is currently causing central banks to:
Question 2(Required)
For automotive dealers, constrained supply chains have:
Question 3(Required)
In response to a softening global macroeconomic environment, many commodities have pulled back over recent months. The lithium price:
Question 4(Required)
Global shipping rates for shipping Nick Scali’s products to Australia have:
Question 5(Required)
Reece is an Australian market-leading industrials business focused on:
Question 6(Required)
6. In late September 2022, Motorcycle Holdings announced the acquisition of which Australian importer and wholesaler of motorcycles and parts:
Question 7(Required)
Mineral Resources has which of the following four divisions:
Question 8(Required)
Nick Scali recently acquired which Australian furniture retailer:
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