Unexpected Outcomes From COVID-19

April 2021 Newsletter | Twelve months ago, COVID-19 was wreaking havoc on people’s lives, financial markets and the economy. Significant uncertainty weighed on markets, with key questions around the probability of a vaccine, the impact on the economy and the size and duration of a global recession, the timeline of a return to “normality” and the level and effect of government stimulus yet to be answered. While the health impact of COVID-19 is still severe in various parts of the world, developments in the interim, particularly in relation to the Australian economy, have positively surprised many market commentators and led to a number of unexpected outcomes.

In this, the 100th Auscap newsletter, we discuss these developments and how they are shaping our thinking about the outlook for the domestic economy. We then take a closer look at one of the Fund’s holdings, furniture retailer Nick Scali, as this quarter’s “company in focus”.